New Release: Hatchback Bundle (Animated and Drivable)

Race into your game development with Race Car 2. Bundle. Featuring 9 carefully designed race cars, this bundle is designed to turbo-charge your game development journey.

An image showing the Hatchback Bundle, created with Unreal Engine.

Hatchback Bundle

Accelerate your game development journey with our latest release: Hatchback Car Bundle, now available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The bundle includes 20 animated and drivable vehicles.

Unleash the Power of 20 Advanced Vehicles.

Our Hatchback Car Bundle doesn't just offer cars; it delivers a bunch of features designed to seamlessly integrate into your game development workflow: 

1. Immersive Driving Experience:

UI Gauges with real-time speed and RPM values.

Drift effects for that adrenaline-pumping action (activated at speeds over 100KM/h and with the hand brake).

Brake marks on the road, adding a layer of realism to your game. 

2. Detailed Interiors:

Animated steering wheel and cockpit with a full control board.

Configurable camera shake for a realistic driving feel.

5 cameras, including follow, front, side, cockpit, and wheel views.

Smooth camera zoom with the mouse wheel.

3. Realistic Visual Effects:

Front doors that can be opened and closed.

Running index for front and rear lamps, side mirrors, and switchable main and brake lights.

Nitro speed effect for that burst of adrenaline.

Burnout effects to make your virtual tires scream. 

4. Seamless Controls for a Smooth Ride:

Our Hatchback Car Bundle comes with drivable car controllers for both gamepad and keyboard. Whether your players prefer console-style precision or the classic keyboard setup, we've got you covered. 

Why Choose Our Hatchback Car Bundle?

1. Professional Support:

Our commitment goes beyond delivering assets. We offer continuous professional support to ensure your game development journey is as smooth as possible.

2. Versatility:

With 20 different vehicles and multitude of features, the Hatchback Car Bundle provides the versatility you need to bring diversity to your virtual roads.

3. Effortless Integration:

Our assets are designed for seamless integration into the Unreal Engine, saving you valuable development time. 

Head over to the Unreal Engine Marketplace today and unlock the potential of our Hatchback Car Bundle. Elevate your projects, captivate your audience, and drive your game development to new horizons.

Drive innovation, drive success!

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