New Release: Office Park

Introducing Office Park: The Modular Corporate Environment built in Unreal Engine 5. Office Park asset pack includes a multi-purpose modular building and 120 unique meshes.

An image showing the Office Park asset pack, created with Unreal Engine

Office Park

Introducing Office Park: The Modular Corporate Environment built in Unreal Engine 5.

Office Park offers a modular corporate environment that empowers you to design your dream setting with ease. The asset pack includes a parking area and a multi-story building with 3 interconnected floors. You can tailor the space to suit a variety of themes, from busy corporate offices and co-working spaces to cutting-edge universities and more. The modular design lets you mix and match components and gives you endless possibilities to adapt to your game's unique narrative.

Building Features:

1. Parking Area: The groundwork for your urban landscape starts with a detailed parking area, providing a realistic backdrop for your environment.

2. Grand Main Entrance and Reception: Make a lasting impression with a warm and welcoming main entrance and reception area, setting the tone for the experience players will encounter.

3. Fully-Furnished Offices: Enhance realism and player immersion with fully-furnished office spaces, complete with desks, chairs, and other essential supplies.

4. Inspiring Conference Rooms: Spark creativity and strategic thinking within your virtual world by incorporating the asset pack's carefully crafted conference rooms.

5. Relaxation Zone and Expansive Balcony: Allow players to soak in the views from the rest area and large balcony.

6. Thoughtfully Designed Restrooms: Details matter, and the inclusion of restrooms ensures an authentic and immersive environment.

7. Seamless Connectivity: The building's three floors are effortlessly connected by a well-designed staircase, ensuring smooth navigation for players.

Dive into a collection of 120 meticulously designed and expertly crafted meshes. From construction elements like wall blocks, floor blocks to glass windows, columns, stairs and glass fences, Office Park provides the building blocks you need to bring your vision to life. But the variety doesn't stop there! Office Park also includes an array of office furniture and supplies. Decorate your virtual space with chairs, tables, sofas, monitors, keyboards, tablets, lamps, and more. Our attention to detail ensures that every item seamlessly fits into the environment. 

Why Choose Office Park for Your Next Game Project?

Versatility: The modular design and diverse assets ensure that Office Park is adaptable to your creative vision.

Realism: The meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the environment, from furnishings to architectural elements, immerses players in a realistic experience.

Time-Saving: With an extensive collection of assets, you'll save development time, allowing you to focus on refining gameplay and narrative.

Customization: Office Park empowers you to craft a unique environment by mixing and matching modular components.

Example Level: To help you kickstart your project we included a carefully designed example scene that focuses on every single detail, to bring a realistic look to your players.

Lumen Support: Office Park asset pack is supported by Lumen, ensuring outstanding light settings and breathtaking captures.

Continuous Professional Support: We are just a message away if you bump into any obstacle in your developing journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. 

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