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Unreal Engine Marketplace

Browse our products at one of today's most trending marketplaces. 

Unreal Engine
Unity Asset Store

Browse our products at one of our favorite and first selling partner (since 2014).

Unity Engine

Browse our products at CGTrader, second oldest selling partner.

CG Trader

Browse our products with real time viewer and model inspector only at Sketchfab.


Browse our products powered with Reallusion's compatibility systems.


Browse our products at TurboSquid and save up your time and money.


Frequently Asked Questions

The place where you can find answers to all your questions related to our game assets, 3D models, asset stores, prices, commissions, licenses and other hot topics.

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Where can I find your 3D models?

You can find our 3D models and game assets at our selling partners. The list is presented in section above FAQ, under the name Asset Stores.

Can I use your 3D models in my commercial games/projects?

Yes you can! You can use our 3D models in any of your commercial games or 3D projects. Also, you can render them and use the renders. You can modify them and use the modified versions in your games. However, you are not allowed to sell modified versions as model collections at other selling platforms. All rights reserved.

Why I should select your company ?

Being part of the gaming industry for over 15 years, allowed us to build trust with both our customers and selling partners. With over 20000 satisfied customers, Dexsoft Games became the synonym for great quality and secure purchase. 

Why I should select your products and services?

Over 10000 published products prove the quality of our work. Our dedicated 3D experts create only high quality 3D models, by following the latest industry trends and learning new modelling  techniques every day. Working with multiple softwares and game engines resulted in a large scale of file formats available to our customers.