New Releases: National Bank Unity

National Bank asset pack is created with Unity Engine. The asset pack includes a modular bank building (both interior and exterior), over 60 props and a complete scene.

An image showing National Bank asset pack, created with Unity Engine.

Happy New Year dear all!

We are happy to be back after the holidays, we hope that all of you had a wonderful time with your families and friends. 2022 for us starts with a new National Bank asset pack. Elevate your games with a modular bank building (with both interior and exterior), over 60 props and with a complete scene. 

The pack includes 67 props in total, including constructive elements like wall blocks, floor blocks, stairs, columns, doors, desks, fences, walls with windows and furniture props like chairs, tables, lamps, posters, bank notes (10,50,100 notes), vaults (2 bigger ones and 1 small), folders (you can switch colors), books, money boxes, cabinets and others.

The building is modular so you can further design yours with the constructive elements, all elements are well scaled and easy to move due to shared pivot points. 

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